Wednesday, 16 September 2009


...mix land, labour and capital with their enterprise to create businesses - meaning employment, jobs and wealth, hopefully!

In New York, entrepreneurs are being encouraged to try to build up the economy after the credit crunch. Video here!

Friday, 11 September 2009

Orange and T-Mobile to merge?

The two companies (really France Telecom and Deutsche Telekom) look set to merge, hoping to benefit from economies of scale so they can compete with Vodafone and O2 more effectively.

However, they may have to deal with the Competition Commission if the commission considers this to create a monopoly.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

An appraisal

Winners and losers in the credit crunch

Co-operative John Lewis gives staff a 13% bonus, whilst British Telecom freezes staff pay... wonder what the latter will do for their motivation? Toyota have also cut both working hours and pay as the credit crunch continues to bite.

So what really motivates workers? If you worked for BT, would fringe benefits or non-financial rewards keep you there in a pay freeze? Or can BT rely on their staff's worries about finding them another job to avoid the problems of high staff turnover? Or is it just that they are in such dire straits that they have no choice?

Landrover gets government grant...

Land Rover is to receive £27 million to develop a new vehicle - story here.

It could mean job security for employees at their Halewood plant.

Meanwhile, the government is putting together another £2.3 BILLION of funding for the car industry...